Logo Designs

The fake brands of the real High Fructose Zombie comic

For our comic book, High Fructose Zombies, we wanted to to bring the comic to life. Part of that process was creating the logos for the evil Yumzy Corporation, as well as its umbrella owner, the Stalk Corporation.

Yumzy - Process

The first corporate villain or entity we meet in HFZ is the Yumzy Corporation - a twisted that owns Yumzyland, the theme park where the sugarpocalypse begins. I wanted to create a logo that had a flourish of sweetness, but retained a corporate menace to it. I eventually landed on combining a custom Y shape with Avenir for it’s sharp corporate edges.

Logo in Use

The logo was used within the pages and for advertisements, merchandise and giveaways, all of which helped expand the world of Yumzyland.

Stalk - Process

In the last few pages of Volume 1, we discover that even the head of Yumzy Corp is not the brains of the zombie-making operation, but a pawn of the even worse Stalk Corporation. We had to show that the brand of the Stalk Corporation had their hands in many honeypots, including biochemical weapons and the like. What you see is the result of those explorations and would eventually make their way into Vol. 2 of High Fructose Zombies.